• Scarring Yourself

    There are many ways to scar the skin. I have seen chainsaw scars and bullet holes. I’ve removed shrapnel from men who fought in World War 2. I have seen shark bites and man-o-war stings. I have seen patients who have been butchered going overseas to save a few dollars for their cosmetic procedures and nearly came home dead. But the number one cause of scarring I see is the easily the finger. To be exact, the fingernail.

    I have seen scarring that went nearly to the bone and recently saw a patient fom the Weddington area that admitted to picking at a facial lesion for up to eight hours a day. No acne deserves that. There are scars that will occur naturally with acne, especially with cystic lesions, and then there are the man-made scars. I often write in a chart HANDS OFF and show the patient what it says. Some people know to stop their picking and scratching, but just need to be told to finally stop. I have recommended “Gameboy Therapy” for years. This is my way to keep a patients hands from picking at their skin. I noted that when my kids play their gameboys they always need to use both hands for any game they play. If the hands are busy playing, they can’t be busy picking. I don’t know how many 75 year old women have taken my suggestion, but every 9 year old loves the idea.

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