• Waxhaw Poison Ivy

    Waxhaw Poison Ivy

    Even with my new practice being small, I’m impressed that nearly everyday a patient will show me something or tell me something that I have seen or heard that way before. With 16 years of pure dermatology experience and everything I have seen, there is always something new and different. Some way to keep me interested

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  • The Evil of Hives

    Few things are as annoying as hives. Patients are often desperate from the itch and the accompanying lack of sleep. The medical name for hives is urticaria. Hundreds of things can cause hives and nearly every medicine ever used will lead to someone somewhere getting hive. The most common medicines are the penicillen antibiotics, along

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  • Poison Ivy

    Poison Ivy

    Warm weather and those little leaves are growing. The allergy to poison ivy and oak is so common that nearly half of us will have it. The chemical that we react to is called Uroshiol. It has no color or odor but can lead to weeks of suffering as it is the leading cause of contact

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  • Pityriasis Rosea: Tis the Season

    There is a rash that has gotten the nickname of the “Christmas Tree Rash” and though it usually doesn’t happen in December, the name fits. This rash is a response to a viral infection and the pattern of the rash can have red patches on the back that appear at the same angles of a

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